Grants Administration


To utilize Grant Funds from all sources for the betterment of Williamsburg County and its citizens.

Grants Administration:

The fundamental role of Grants Administration is to complement the technical knowledge of department directors by advising and assisting with grants administration.


  • Promote the use of grant funds by all county departments 
  • Actively seek available grant funding for county departments 
  • Provide administrative oversight for county grant activities
  • Interpret and carry out grant management policies and procedures applicable to awarded grants
  • Prepare proposals and/or applications with supported information provided by county departments
  • Ensure the County's approach to foundations, corporations and governmental grant funding is effectively coordinated
  • Work as a clearinghouse for proposals and applications
  • Assist county departments in securing and administering reimbursements to ensure timely close-out of grants

Grant Activities That Have Contributed to Williamsburg County

  • "C" Funds, State Road Improvement
  • Community Development Block Grant
  • Department of Health and Environmental Control
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Division of Commerce
  • Federal Aeronautics
  • Parks Recreation and Tourism (PRT)
  • Sheriff (Department of Justice, Department of Public Safety)
  • State Aeronautics

  1. Department Resources
  2. Contractor Resources is a resource department heads can use to locate grants for their department. Department heads, please visit the link below, or contact the office with any questions.